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    We operate in NYC, Miami, LA, and Las Vegas


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    You see the calendar above? Choose what weekly parties you can promote and fill out the form below! We will reach out to you to confirm your schedule.


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    Put Promoter Life in your bio & tell all your friends about your new job partying and post the event flyers on your Instagram!


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    Get paid to bring your friends out partying with you! You will get a Paypal or Check every week! Get ready to get paid to party with the Promoter Life!!

  • How much do promoters get paid to party?

    Start somewhere and grow with us.

    Get Paid More+

    Promoters can

    Level Up and earn up to

    $500 a night!

    We start paying all promoters at

    $10 per person they bring!


    If you start bringing 10+ girls per night, and bottle service clients we can up your pay majorly!