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    Here is more information on Promoter Life & how to get started working today!

  • Lets get to work.

    There is a lot of money and opportunity in nightlife and networking; and we want to make sure we maximize both your time and ours.


    Promoters in Promoter Life will be given the tools and the access to succeed in nightlife and beyond.

    Hey guys its the Founder, Jake Lang


    Thanks for joining the team, I wanted to take the time to answer some questions and explain what "promoting" is, how to become a "good promoter", and most importantly how to make money from promoting and nightlife.


    1. What is "Promoter Life" and what is a "Promoter"


    - Promoter Life is an event planning and staffing company that focuses on using our affialites or "Promoters" to bring good looking females, and affleunt male guests to a venue.


    "Promoters" are employees of Promoter Life that use their personal networks and social media to invite friends, and clientle to an event. Usually the more people a promoter is able to bring, and the better looking those people are; the more successful that promoter is.


    2. How do I start Promoting with you?

    You already filled out the form and picked the days of the week you can work, so update your Instagram like the one below.


    3. Download this app to be added to the Promoter Calendar


    4. Start hitting people up and tell them you started a new job promoting!

    Text all the girls you know and say something along the lines of "Hey I just started promoting on Tuesdays and Fridays at some dope clubs in the city! Wanna come out with me this weekend?! 😊"


    Post on Instagram about promoting, make cool Instagram stories, post club flyers (they will be uploaded onto the Crew App)


    Facebook message people


    Mass text everyone using an app like "Mass Texter" or "Hit em up"


    Just hype up the nights and the parties your working in general to make sure you have a fun and excited crowd with you!


    5. Show up on time with your crew and tell the door man, "Im working with Promoter Life tonight"

    Go straight to the front and ask where the promoters line up, then line up with the promoters and when its your turn - tell them your with Promoter Life!


    They will take your name and count how many girls / guys you brought, and we will pay you out weekly!


    More info on getting paid click here


    Once the doorman walks in all of your people; ask him where you are sitting and to give you drink / bottle tickets


    (Dont ask for a bottle ticket unless you have 8+ girls with you)


    If you have any problems at the door or inside make sure to text your account rep ASAP inside the crew app!


  • Quick Review

    Promoting is a dream job if you like to work hard and party hard.


    Download App

    Click here to download the Promoter Calendar

    (Check calendar app for venue specifics)


    Change Instagram Bio

    Be part of the team and tag @PromoterLifeApp in your bio and change it to show your promo schedule!


    Text / Message Friends

    Text EVERYONE! Let them know you can get them into the club and you have a VIP table and drinks for girls!


    Show up with girls on time ready to party!!

    Confirm with your girls before hand (Ask one girl to bring some girlfriends and meet you at the club at 11:45!)

    Then ask a few more!!